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Support for Google Cloud (June 8, 2021)#

Google Cloud is available for Upstash databases. We initially support US-Central-1 (Iowa) region. Check the get started guide.

Support for Multi Zone Replication (June 8, 2021)#

Upstash now supports Multi Zone Replication for your database. Multi zone replication provides you high availability and better scalability. Click here to read more.

Support for AWS Japan (March 1, 2021)#


Support for AWS Tokyo Region was the most requested feature by our users. Now our users can create their database in AWS Asia Pacific (Tokyo) region (ap-northeast-1). In addition to Japan, Upstash is available in the regions us-west-1, us-east-1, eu-west-1.

Click here to start your database for free.

Click here to request new regions to be supported.

Vercel Integration (February 22, 2021)#

Upstash&Vercel integration has been released. Now you are able to integrate Upstash to your project easily. We believe Upstash is the perfect database for your applications thanks to its:

  • Low latency data
  • Per request pricing with monthly cap
  • Durable storage
  • Ease of use

Below are the resources about the integration:

See how to guide.

See integration page.

See Roadmap Voting app as a showcase for the integration.