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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Upstash?#

Upstash is a serverless database service compatible with RedisĀ® API.

What does it mean Serverless Database?#

You do not have to manage and provision servers. You do not deal with configuring or maintaining any server. You just use the service and pay what you use. If you are not using, you should not be paying.

What are the use cases?#

Upstash works for all the common usecases for RedisĀ®. You can use Upstash in your serverless stack. In addition, you can use Upstash as storage (or caching) for your serverless functions. See Use Cases for more.

Do you support all RedisĀ® API?#

Most of them. See RedisĀ® API Compatibility for the list of supported commands.

Can I use any Redis client?#

Yes, Upstash is compatible Redis client protocol.

Which cloud providers do you support?#

Initially we have AWS and GCP. Digital Ocean is planned.

Which regions do you support in AWS?#

We start with AWS-US-EAST-1 (Virginia), GCP-US-CENTRAL-1 (IOWA), AWS-US-WEST-1 (N. California), AWS-EU-WEST-1 (Ireland), AWS-APN-NE-1 (Japan). We will add new zones soon. You can expedite this by telling us your use case and the region you need by emailing to

Should my client be hosted in the AWS to use Upstash?#

No. Your client can be anywhere but the clients in AWS regions will give you better performance.

How do you compare Upstash with ElastiCache?#

Upstash is serverless. With ElastiCache, you pay even you do not use the database. See Compare for more info.

How do you compare Upstash with Redis Labs or

Upstash is serverless. With Redis Labs or, you always pay a lot when your data size is big but your traffic is low. In Upstash, the pricing is based on per request. See Compare for more info.

Do you persist data?#

Yes, by default we write data to the disk. So in case of a failure you should not lose any data. For a better high availability, enable Multi Zone replication.

Do you support Redis Cluster?#

We support replication in Premium type database. We do not support sharding yet.

I have database with 10GB data, I pay nothing if I do not use it. Is that correct?#

You only pay for the disk storage cost that is $0.25 per GB. For your case, you will pay $2.5 monthly.

What happens when I exceed the request limit on Free Database (10.000 requests per day)?#

The exceeding commands return exception.

When I upgrade my free database, do I lose data?#

You do not lose data but clients may disconnect and reconnect.

Will my data be safe?#

Upstash is a GDPR compliant company. We do not share any user data with third parties. See our Legal Documents for more information.